Best Courses to Study Abroad For Indian Students: Admissions open for May 2024 Intake

Chandani Education opens doors to excellence, Admissions open for more than 50 best courses in Abroad Universities. Contact us and apply now for May 2024 Intake.

University of Chester

  1. MSc Banking and Finanace
  2. MSc Digital Marketing
  3. MSc Engineering Management
  4. MSc Health Service Management
  5. MSc International Business
  6. MSc International Finance
  7. MSc Management
  8. MSc Marketing Management
  9. Master of Business Management

University of East London

  1. MBA
  2. MBA with Placement
  3. MBA (Business Analytics)
  4. MBA (Business Analytics) (with Placemnets)
  5. MBA (Digital Marketing)
  6. MBA (Digital Marketing) (with placement)
  7. MBA Entrepreneurship
  8. MBA Entrepreneurship (with placement)
  9. MBA (Project Management) (with placement)
  10. MBA (Supply Chain Management)
  11. MBA (Supply Chain Management) (with placement)
  12. MBA Sustainable Energy
  13. MBA Sustainable Energy (with placement)
  14. MSc International Business Management
  15. MSc International Business Management with Placement or Consultancy Project
  16. MSc Artificial Intelligence
  17. MSc Artificial Intelligence with Industrial Placement
  18. MSc Big Data Technologies
  19. MSc Civil Engineering
  20. MSc Cloud Computing
  21. MSc Cloud Computing (with Industrial placement)
  22. MSc Computer Science
  23. MSc Computer Science (with Industrial placement)
  24. MSc Construction Engineering Management
  25. MSc Construction Engineering Management with Placement Year
  26. MSc Engineering Management
  27. MSc Engineering Management with Industrial Placement
  28. MSc Mechanical Engineering
  29. MSc Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Placement

Northumbria University Newcastle

  1. Graduate Certificate in Business
  2. Graduater Certificate in Computing and Technology
  3. MSc Artificial Intelligence Technology with Advanced Practice
  4. MSc Big Data and Data Science Technology with Advance Practice
  5. MSc Business with Business Analytics with Advanced practice
  6. MSc Business with Entreprenuership with Advance Practice
  7. MSc Business with Financial Management with Advance Practice
  8. MSc Business with Hospitality and Tourism Management with Advance Practice
  9. MSc Business with Human Resource Management with Advance Practice
  10. MSc Business with International Management with Advance Practice
  11. MSc Business with Marketing Management with Advance Practice
  12. MSc Digital Marketing with Advanced Practice
  13. MSc Global Logistics Operations and Supply Chain Management with Advance Practice
  14. MSc Technologies for Sustainable Cities
  15. MSc Technologies for Sustainable Cities with Advance Practice

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