Good News For Indian Travellers, You Can Now Get UK Visa In 15 Days

Indians to get UK visa in 15 days, says British High Commissioner to India


The United Kingdom on Friday announced that the visit visas for Indians traveling to the country will now be allocated within 15 working days. Referring to this, British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis, in a video message added, “Good news for those traveling from India to the UK – visit visas now within the standard time of 15 working days (with a small number of trickier cases taking longer).”

However, he added that there are still a few cases that take longer, very complex ones, and that’s right that they do, further stating that this enables new people to move to India and the United Kingdom with much greater ease.

A UK Standard Visitor visa is applicable in case of visiting family or friends, on vacation, business trip, or on a short course of study. Then there is also this priority visa option, which now has a turnaround time of five days, the UK said, adding that they have a significant intake of student visas for the session starting in January 2023.

The High Commissioner also added that two months ago, it was their aim to get back to processing India to Great Britain visa applications within their standard time of 15 days by the end of this year, which they have now achieved.

And over the past few weeks, both countries have taken steps to ease visa issues for applicants on either side. Ellis called it ‘good news for the living bridge’, as people can move between India and the UK easily.


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