Here Are 10 Canada Jobs With Highest Pay For 2023


Below are the best-paying jobs with a chance of higher earnings potential. These jobs can pay up to $130,000 depending upon the level of the job.

10 highest paying jobs in Canada

1. Full Stack Developer

Entry-level full-stack developers typically earn $75,000 per year, with most experienced full-stack developers earning up to $130,000 per year.

As per Randstad, there has never been a greater need for full-stack developers, and that demand will only increase further.

2. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts’ salary ranges between $80,000 to $120,000. This occupation continues to be in high demand, and typical salaries have grown in recent years.

Experienced financial analysts help businesses succeed by detecting trends in economic data and aiding senior management in making sound decisions.

3. HR Manager

In Canada, the average yearly income for a human resources manager is $83,00. Entry-level HR manager salaries start at $80,000 per year.

However, the most experienced personnel earn up to $110,000 per year.

Human Resources professionals can expect a high earning potential, career security, and growing compensation.

4. Millwright

Millwrights are one of the fastest-growing crafts, and their demand will increase as more complex manufacturing equipment is utilized.

They are in high demand and have swiftly risen to the top of the skilled crafts pay scale.

Millwrights can make $50,000 in an entry-level position and $95,000 in a senior role.

5. Production Supervisor

Production supervisors start at $65,000 and may earn up to $100,000 for more senior positions. The pay for Production supervisors is steadily increasing.

Demand for production supervisors is not projected to decrease, since the manufacturing industry has witnessed significant growth in the market in recent years.

6. Executive Assistant

The career prospects for executive assistants are improving, with numerous new job postings popping up around the country.

Executive assistant salaries in Canada range from $60,000 to $96,000 per year on average.

7. Solution Architect

As businesses develop their information technology networks, the need for solution architects grows, and the position is becoming more popular.

Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia are the top-paying provinces for Solution Architects.

Salary ranges for solution architects can vary from $84,000 to $130,000.

8. Forklift Operator

Forklift drivers are needed around the country to stack, transport, and inventory products in warehouses and fulfillment centers.

A forklift operator’s pay ranges from $40,000 to $58,000. Forklift drivers are in high demand, and their wages have climbed in tandem.

9. Electrical Engineer

Starting salaries for Electrical Engineers typically range between $80,000 and $100,000. They are in high demand across Canada with more average pay in Calgary, Ontario, and British Columbia.

Electrical engineers with five to 10 years of experience may earn up to $115,000 on average.

Electrical engineers that work in energy and manufacturing often earn the highest wages.

10. Construction Project Manager

Pressures on the housing market and the demand for new business structures imply that building project teams will be busier than ever.

Construction project managers are paid extremely well. The salary might be $100,000 or more per year depending on the location of the work.

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